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Remote London Impact Incubator

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Non Profit Initiative

For For-profit Entrepreneurship

Build Your Global Impact startup in London
Remotely • From Anywhere in The world

The incubator runs multiple programmes to help build For-profit impact startups globally. Each programme is built around and aims to solve specific social issues, crises or social upliftment causes by leveraging the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) fostered technologies and neo-economies (sharing, digital economies etc.).


Each programme may be targeting to solve different social issues that may be global or regional; but the startups built around them have the following characteristics


  • 100% For-profit Impact, cause-based Startups
  • Democratic governance and collective ownership(preferred)
  • Legal incorporation in the UK (Irrespective of the actual location of operation or target market ( We take care of all legal processes involved)
  • Leverages 4ir tech & neo-economies
  • Globally scalable business model


Impact Startup Incubator

  • Location Independent Impact Startups Incubation
  • Solo Founders from any part of the world welcome
  • Access to UK Startup Ecosystem ( Funding, UK Incorporation... )

Impact Preseed Funding

  • Preseed Fuding of GBP 20,000 to GBP 150,000 through Angel Investments, Crowdfunding etc.
  • In-house UK Incorporation facilties to get access to UK Startup Fund Ecosystem
  • UK govt startup investment schemes like SEIC (Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) pre-approval

Founder Personal SOS Funding

It's our primary mission to promote entrepreneurship among the disadvantaged and unreached sections of the society.

In some cases, some of the members of the Founding Team (e.g. Refugees ) may need personal funding assistance, in addition to the funding required for the startup they launch.

Some of the SOS needs may be:

  • Healthcare, Temporary Housing, Counselling, Food, Clothing etc.

  • Immigration or any legal assistance

  • Cash for personal expenses