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Tashu Gudokin Founding Chair

I am honoured to present 4ir 4all Ltd, a 100% Non-profit global collective platform, aimed at promoting For-profit impact entrepreneurship as a tool of social upliftment.

I invite all of you, from all over the world, to join the movement If you believe in the organisation's mission and ideologies.

Nonprofit Initiative To Promote For-profit Impact Entrepreneurship

It's my honour, as the Founding Chair, to present and introduce 4ir 4all Ltd, a 100% Non-profit aimed at promoting 100% For-profit entreprenership, globally, as an effective tool of social upliftment.

We are building a global Impact Entrepreneurial Ecosystem that helps drive a global collective movement to leverage 4IR tech & neo-economies to solve different social issues - both regional and global.

This goal could have sounded unrealistic and euphoric two decades ago, but I firmly believe that the onset of the 4th Industrial Revolution has made it viable and realistic. Moreover, COVID19 expedited this onset and now we live in a world that functions and works remotely and virtually.

On the other hand, a section of the IT sector has been experimenting with power of collectiveness in the form open-source software movement for years and its success is phenomenal. It has a huge positive impact on internet's growth, which in turn, precipitated the 4IR. Linus Torvalds is the actual hero, IMO.

Recent technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, etc. and its resulting neo-economies have made the world fully ready to leverage the power of technology, entrepreneurship, free market economy for social upliftment and a more justified wealth distribution system - by using the power of collectiveness

World has been experimenting with the two economic systems for over a century by now.It's quite evident that both have their strength and weakness. In short and in IMO, capitalism produced innovation and growth but surely resulted in social inequality. Socialism brought more social equality but thwarted innovation and growth.

4IR fostered technologies, neo-economies and public perceptions have made it possible now to combine the strength of capitalism and socialism to create a more justified global wealth-distribution system. I strongly believe that an unjust global wealth-distribution system, both in terms of individuals and countries, is one of the major causes of different global and regional social issues and sufferings.

I, as the founding chair of the organisation, invite all of you, from all over the world, to join the movement -- If you believe in the organisation's mission and ideologies.

The organisation is still in formative stage and I invite participation on board level, too. Private invitations are being sent, but you are welcome to submit your interest or recommend anyone directly, too.

The board will comprise of members from the UK as well as other countries.

Warmest Regards,
Tashu Gudokin
Founding Chair,
4ir 4all Ltd

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