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Employees Ownership

Then Covert It into an Employee Owned Company by transfering 74% shares to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT) approved by UK government under Finance Act 2014 >>
Capitalism Meets Socialism

Neo Capitalism

Capitalism has been fuelling growth & innovation. But has been widening the wealth gap. Socialism has been advocating equality. But at the cost of thwarting innovation.

The 4th Industrial Revolution has given us the opportunity to combine the capitasm's innovation and equality. That's the core concept behind 4IR Venture Studio

There are No Employees

They Own 74%

Yes, there's simply no concept of "Employees" in these in-house built Startups. We are referring to them as employees simply to make the startup equity structure understandable.

Startup Ownership Structure

Capital Redefined & Equalised

Sweat is Sweeter

Yes, at 4IR Venture Studio, sweat is sweeter and greener than the greenest pieces of paper that fuels the old traditional capitalism.

4ir4all Venture Studio is redefining the capital. And, capitalism. Here, it's the sweat that runs the show. And, fuels the capitalism that we envision. Let's call it Neo Capitalism. Let's rewrite the rules. Let the sweat rule. Let's give throne back to the real king, whom the first three industrial revolutions forced to abdicate.

The 4th Industrial Revolution fostered technologies and ne-oeconomies have made it possible. Now's the time to claim back your Means of Production and restore the King Sweat. A laptop & a good internet connection is your new means of production. And, your skill is the King Sweat that rules our envisioned capitalism. NeoCapitalism

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